Increase sales by using marketing tactics specifically designed for fixed operations.

Fixed operations can be the most profitable area of a business, but too often it is simply treated as an afterthought. Search Optics has created solutions that boost your brand’s greatest source of recurring revenue.

Create personalised, revenue-generating content for customers at every life cycle touch point.


MAP, or Marketing Automation Platform, generates recurring revenue from and maximises the lifetime value of your customers by integrating every life cycle touch point into a single unified, behavior-driven solution that designs and delivers personalised and relevant content developed to increase repurchases, referrals, and retention for sales, service, and fixed operations departments. MAP works automatically, but it is fully customisable to the specific needs of your business and includes many unique components.

Features include:

  • Follow-up and recovery – We ensure your customers stay on course after the initial point of sale with triggered communications.
  • Loyalty and reward programs – MAP promotes customer loyalty and boosts retention rates with post-purchase opportunities.
  • Service appointments – We maintain a consistent flow of communication with current customers with customised service campaigns.
  • In-store solutions – These include service schedulers, appointment ledgers, technician dashboards, and inspection tools.
  • Personalised URLs (PURLs) – Our technology creates PURLs that serve up customised content for every visitor to your website.
  • Marketing intelligence – We shine a light on your business behind the balance sheet by tracking and reporting on a range of metrics.

Your operations may be fixed, but your revenue doesn't have to stop growing. We can show you the way.

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