The missing link between sales, marketing, reporting, and analysis is no longer missing.

Search Optics is your one-stop shop for all metrics tracking and digital analysis. Our proprietary set of tools measures campaigns at a highly detailed level, allowing for granular assessment of performance.

Measure What Matters™


Search Optics is the exclusive provider of UPTRACS to the automotive industry. UPTRACS is a reporting platform that measures the effectiveness of each marketing dollar you spend and helps you to optimise your entire campaign – not only by tracking every response to your online marketing efforts but by also calculating your offline conversion rates and cost-per-lead – all in real-time. This information gives you the confidence to make critical decisions about how to adjust your digital strategy for maximum returns.

Features include:

  • Real-time measurements UPTRACS monitors your campaigns and provides performance reporting 24/7.
  • User-friendly dashboards – Our platform generates reports that are intuitive, easy to read, and actionable.
  • Built-in call log – This feature comes standard, with optional recording functionality to keep track of prospects.
  • Conversion data – Using UPTRACS, you can calculate offline conversion rates for phone calls, e-mails, and forms.
  • Customisable – Our proprietary technology allows for customised KPI implementation and tracking.
  • Accessible – Responsive reports can be accessed anywhere and anytime from any device, including mobile.

Tired of wasting money on marketing with no proof of return? Eliminate the guesswork with our solutions.

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