Facebook Refocuses Newsfeed: What It Means For Your Brand
Facebook’s latest algorithm change has drastically impacted the world of organic Facebook marketing for brand pages that don’t receive extremely high engagement. In most cases, marketers will need to utilize the Boost Post option to ensure their posts are seen by Facebook page fans. Now is a more important time than ever to explore ways to increase your Facebook likes and engagement by boosting your post.

1. Learn from Facebook insights
Examining your Facebook insights allows you to learn what content your current audience resonates with. To find this, navigate to the insights tab of your page:. Select "Posts" on the left sidebar. Now, look for posts with high reach or engagement. Finding the similarities in these particular posts shows you what type of content your audience seeing from you and, therefore, your “boost post” target audience is likely to engage with as well.

2. Know the Difference Between a Boost Post and an Engagement Ad
Boosted posts are great if you want your current audience to see, like and/or engage with your posts. Reaching new individuals requires a different tactic. This is where an Engagement Ad through Ads Manager comes in handy.
The biggest difference between a Boost Post through your Facebook page and an Engagement Ad through Ads Manager is the ability to target your audience and your objective. With a Boost Post, you only have two options for your target audience; people who like your page or people who like your page and their friends. It is likely that people who like you page will like what you post when it shows up in their news feed. So, if you have a limited number of Facebook page fans, and are looking to expand your current audience, an Engagement Ad will serve you better.
When placing an Engagement Ad, Facebook allows you to choose whether to optimize towards post engagement or page likes, and gives you the freedom to select a target audience that aligns with your brand and preferences, versus being limited to just people who already like your page.

3. Use the Call-to-Action Button
This is by far the simplest tip of all. Whether you choose to boost your post or run an Engagement Ad, select a call-to-action button (CTA). You should absolutely, 100% of the time, utilize this button! It gives a bold, quick and easy way for your audience to take the action you want them to take. A clear CTA also lets your audience know the goal of the ad that is being served to them, with little to no consideration.
Social advertising has evolved radically over the past decade, and as technology advances, social platforms are likely to follow suit. That said, focusing on just a few simple tips at a time, it is completely possible for your brand to take advantage of the opportunities that social media has to offer.
Using the 3 tips above, it’ll be easier than ever to continue building out your Facebook audience!
Need a bit more guidance to get your brand’s social pages up to speed? Contact us and our social media experts will get you set up with a plan based on your goals and budget.

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