SEM: Dynamic Search Ads and Search Re-Marketing

Expanding Your Paid Search Strategy

Content and search relevancy is more important now than ever before, for both audiences and advertisers. Today’s savvy shopper expects to be served ad content that is not just relatable, but also specific to their wants and needs. And for advertisers, relevancy translates to more targeted impressions and higher-quality leads - creating efficiencies and greater ROI.

While there are a number of tactics marketers can use to deliver more relevant search results and content, we'd like to dive into Dynamic Search and Search Re-marketing.
dynamic and remarketing
Dynamic Search Ads
As part of your paid search campaign, a Dynamic Search tactic uses your website or landing page to dynamically deliver search results based on your audience’s search. For an auto dealer, it can be used to accomplish a number of critical tasks including:

  • Increase click-through-rate and VDP views
  • Deliver highly relevant ads using vehicle and incentive data from your page
  • Drive shoppers directly to a VDP that matches their vehicle search
  • Streamline results with ad copy based on your real-time inventory
  • Develop a targeted approach for used and CPO vehicles

There are a number of other major benefits to Dynamic Search. They will improve your search efficiency by automatically making Ad changes when you make website changes. You can also focus your Dynamic Search Ads away from any non-functioning parts of your website.

Search Re-Marketing
Search Re-Marketing, which is also known as Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs), is a potent, but underused tool. By adding Search Re-Marketing to your paid search campaign we believe that you will be able to accomplish a number of critical goals such as:

  • Target audiences who have previously visited your website
  • Reconnect with customers as they continue the search and purchase journey
  • Increase search relevancy with tailored bids and ad copy
  • Optimise performance by bidding on new, relevant keywords for previous visitors

Search Optics Can Help
By using both Dynamic Search and Search Re-Marketing, we can help you generate more traffic for your brand and target quality leads through actively managed paid search. As a proud Google Premier Partner and a Google Mobile Champion, Search Optics can also help you optimise your mobile marketing with Dynamic Search and Search Re-Marketing. To learn more about both of these paid search options from Search Optics, feel free to contact us today.


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