President and Founder of Search Optics, Troy Smith, Featured in Forbes

Search Optics was recently featured in a Forbes article, “The Pathetic State of Mobile Marketing and Advertising,” written by contributor Steve Olenski. He discussed how little things have changed in the digital marketing world when it comes to mobile, despite the dramatic shift in consumer behavior toward smartphone use in the last few years. The post cites a recent study Search Optics released in partnership with ClickZ, entitled The State of Mobile Advertising 2016. The study analysed more than 400 global marketers to discover their best practices and to explore “the extent to which brands are putting mobile at the center of their integrated marketing activities.”

Troy Smith, president and founder of Search Optics, also provided his insight into this phenomenon:

“Needless to say, without a strong partner who has deep understanding of how to run and measure mobile advertising effectively, advertisers have little to no information on the true ROI of their efforts. This decreases their willingness to invest in mobile advertising, therefore limiting their reach to audiences across multiple digital channels.”

Read the complete article on and download The State of Mobile Advertising.


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