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Snapchat Expands Snapcodes to Include Website Links
As Snap Inc., the parent company of popular photo and video sharing app Snapchat, prepares for what will likely be an IPO worth billions or tens of billions of dollars, it appears that the millennial-focused app is adapting to the evolving digital landscape. Only recently Snapchat launched a new feature that advertisers are sure to appreciate – users now have the ability to link outside of the app.

As you may have already discovered, Snapcodes have had fairly limited use, save for the ability to add friends within the app. Now, however, the possibilities have expanded. Earlier this week, Snap Inc. announced that the launch of its latest redesign would include the functionality to drive users to an external URL using a custom Snapcode. This is a big step up for advertisers, as it allows them to drive more users to a particular website. This marks a significant departure from Snapchat’s recent strategy, and brings a big opportunity for previously-skeptical brands. The concerns with Snapchat advertising may now have added value, as the app’s highly-coveted audience can now be driven to the advertiser’s website for increased engagement.

Get Further with Snapcodes
With the expansion of Snapcodes, the reach of social media can go far beyond the expected platforms. Currently, brands have the opportunity to use Snapcodes in print ads, on billboards, even on packaging. Snaps can be used to share a particular product in a fun and interesting situations with a brand’s network, putting a personality to the brand and building a relationship with the customer base. For Search Optics, we see a great opportunity to drive millennials to our autodealer clients’ websites, utilising Snapchat in everything from traditional offline advertising to digital video.

Creating Snapcode
This feature is available with new iOS update and Android beta of Snapchat, and getting started with Snapcodes is simple; open your Snapchat app “settings,” select “Snapcodes,” then “Create Snapcode.” Enter your URL and select an image from your website or phone, to include within the code. After a bit of optimisation and fine-tuning, you are ready to go!

The future with Snapcodes
In the short term, Snapchat’s new feature provides an opportunity to test a new form of engagement with your audience. Creating a Snapcode is a simple and free technique for brands to turn their Snap views into tangible website traffic and, potentially, measureable sales. In the long term, this turn of events illustrates that Snapchat understands its advertisers’ needs; furthermore, it appears that the business will continue to employee techniques that monetise the platform. Snapcodes offer unique opportunities for brands to leverage Snapchat to advertise to a brand’s niche audience in an engaging way. The jury is still out on the adoption rate and effectiveness of this new functionality, but super-users are already posting Snapcodes all over the internet, and you can expect to see A LOT more Snapcodes in the coming weeks. For more details on setting up your own Snapcodes, visit the Snapchat help center in your app.

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John Patterson, Director of Content Strategy at Search Optics, has over 10 years of experience in connecting businesses to the customers in unique and authentic ways. Follow him on Twitter @johnpatterson85


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